Neuro-Linguistic Programing

NLP began as a model of how we communicate to ourselves and others. It was originally developed by Richard Bandler, John Grinder and others. This model explains how we process the information that comes into us from the outside.


Neuro: Our nervous system, or our mind, which we use to experience the world, through our senses:

  • Visual 

  • Auditory

  • Kinesthetic

  • Olfactory 

  • Gustatory


Linguistic: The language and other communication we use to store experience and give it meaning, including the following things we experience inside our mind:

  • Pictures 

  • Sounds 

  • Feelings 

  • Smells 

  • Tastes 

  • Internal Dialog (self-talk)


Programming: Discovering and using the programs, patterns and strategies we run in our mind to achieve our goals. In other words, NLP is how we use the basic language of our mind to consistently achieve the results we want in life.

In a nutshell, NLP teaches us three things:


What do you really want in life? (Instead of what you don't want anymore.) How to get rid of the barriers, conflicts or obstacles that prevent you from getting there. How do you make what you want to happen? (And this is the most important one.)

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