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Anxiety Clearing MindSet 

08 Feb 2020

09.30 am-12.00 pm Gold Coast 

Varsity Conference Centre

This 2.5-hour workshop is designed to demystify anxiety, and help participants better manage their anxiety and worries. It also addresses related issues of communicating effectively to themselves and others to be calm.



Different approach to anxiety


There are some mindsets and attitudes activate tenacity and help you deal with anxiety.

Most of our behaviour and thoughts are rooted in assumptions. For example, “People think it’s awful/stupid/crazy etc.. if I do X,”. This often keeps us from acting. And we all have reasons for doing it!

what if, instead of accepting these behaviours and thoughts as truth, we take a mindset of acknowledging the thoughts and assumptions which are most of the time different than the reality?

We often accept reality as it appears. However, nothing exists as it appears!


The main thing is to decide that something you need to change, Make a decision, and then step out of your comfort zone for just a bit!  because “if you continue to do what you are doing right now, you’ll get the same thing that you probably don’t like what you are getting now. 


We're going to discover how to be free of the negative emotions from our past.   That would probably be a new way of you looking at your past.  This is really important.  We’re going to offer you a new way of looking at your past.  Not the way most people look at their past.  Most people look at their past and focus on what went wrong, what hurts, what pain was in there, all the unresolved issue throughout time.  And usually, they beat themselves up for not being better, smarter, etc. etc.  the truth is that when you do that behaviour, what you’re doing is you’re beating your unconscious mind up. 

During the workshop, we are going to pull the sleeping mask down, from your eyes, so that you can actually begin to see what’s possible.


Some very powerful techniques would be used in these segments. This is a different technique to anything you’ve ever known. 


We’re going to give you a new way of looking at your past, your beliefs and your thought processes.  And a new way of relating to your past.  So that your past will not be a burden, not be a bunch of negative emotions. it would be a reference experience for you and a storehouse of learnings and wisdom.  That’s the difference between this technique and other techniques. 

NLPTime Line Therapy® and Hypnosis techniques are used to create quick and long-lasting change. Especially the idea of Time Line Therapy® is to pull out the weed with the roots so that it never regrows.


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